No family member wants to learn that their loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home. As a result, it is important for family members and victims of nursing home abuse and neglect to be familiar with the ways they are protected from nursing home abuse and neglect when it occurs.

Nursing home abuse can occur when victims are physically or psychologically harmed while in the care of nursing home. Additionally, however, victims can suffer from nursing home neglect which is also serious and prohibited. Nursing home neglect can lead to serious harm to victims and with 3.2 million Americans living in approximately 17,000 nursing homes, it is important that nursing home residents and their families are familiar with what nursing home neglect looks like, how to protect against harm and what to do if harmed.

Nursing home neglect can occur when the resident of the nursing home is not provided with adequate food; is not provided with appropriate shelter that keeps them safe, is sanitary and provides protection from the elements; is not provided with appropriate clothing; is not provided with appropriate and proper bathing services; is not provided with timely and competent medical care; and is not properly supervised and cared for by staff and medical providers at the nursing home. Whenever nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse is taking place, it can be a serious problem.

When a nursing home has been negligent, and a resident has suffered harm, they may be liable to the victim and the victim’s family for damages suffered. There are different legal protections that may be available to victims of nursing home abuse and their families depending on the circumstances. It is essential for victims and their families to be familiar with the legal protections available to them and how they work to keep them protected from the impacts of nursing home abuse and neglect.