If you’re new to riding a motorcycle in South Carolina, it’s wise to start with an overview of some of the more common procedural laws. While some of these may seem obvious to you, you’d be surprised how often they are broken every day. Check them out before you hit the road and they can help you avoid accidents and injuries.

1. Never ride without facing directly forward, and always keep your left leg on the left side of the bike and your right leg on the right side.

2. Never wear anything, from a jacket to a backpack, if it makes it so you can only hold the handlebars with one hand.

3. Never carry a passenger who makes it harder for you to drive or who is in any way an interference, lessening your control of the bike.

4. Never connect your bike to a second vehicle, either with ropes, straps or simply by holding onto that vehicle. People are sometimes tempted to do this when they run out of gas, but it should never be done.

5. Always know that you get the whole lane on your bike, and cars and trucks can only pass by going into a separate lane, in the same way they would pass other full-sized vehicles.

6. Do not ride with more than two bikes side-by-side in the same lane. It is recommended that riders use a staggered formation.

7. Make sure your bike always has the appropriate safety features, including mirrors.

If you are ever injured in a motorcycle crash, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

Source: South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, “Motorcycles,” accessed June 05, 2015