Serving Injured Bicyclists And Pedestrians

Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand areas of South Carolina are home to over 250,000 year-round residents. Our communities also attract millions of visitors annually to the semitropical paradise that is a golfing, fishing and family vacation haven. When the number of people in such a small area increases, so too do the odds of pedestrian and biking accidents.

Whether a biker or pedestrian is injured by a driver or through the carelessness of others, the Maguire Law Firm is prepared to offer skilled legal guidance. We serve injury victims in Horry, Georgetown and Marion counties of South Carolina. Our lawyers will work to gather the details and to seek justice for those injured through the negligence or recklessness of others.

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Safety Tips For Myrtle Beach Bicyclists

South Carolina grants bicyclists all of the rights that the driver of a motor vehicle has. However, in a crowded beach environment, bikers should be cautious and exercise safe biking practices. To help keep bikers safe, South Carolina biking laws mandate:

  • Bicyclists pedal as close to the right side of the road as possible
  • No more than two bicyclists should ride side by side, except when riding on bike lanes and paths
  • Bicyclists will use a path rather than the road if one is available
  • Bikes must have a lamp installed on the front with a visible distance of at least 500 feet

Traffic conditions that could impact a bicyclist's safety include on-street parking, heavy volume of motor vehicles, the traveling speed of traffic, travel surface and debris on the roadway.

How Pedestrians Can Reduce The Risk Of An Accident

Whether it is walking to the beach, coming out of restaurants or simply mingling on street corners, pedestrians need to stay alert at all times. This is especially true at intersections where the majority of pedestrian injuries occur.

When traveling on foot in Myrtle Beach, remember the following pedestrian safety pointers:

  • Observe all traffic lights and only cross at marked crosswalks
  • When pedestrians are not at a crosswalk, they should yield to allow bikes and motor vehicles
  • If there are oncoming motor vehicles, make eye contact with the driver before crossing to ensure they see you
  • Avoid using your cellphone when walking near busy highways or in congested areas
  • When walking or running on a sidewalk, travel so that you can see oncoming traffic

After An Accident, Immediately Contact An Attorney

The Maguire Law Firm's staff deals with the insurance company to allow you to focus on your recovery, your family and your future. We understand the medical aspects of injuries and how they can impact your life. Our goal is to turn complex information into real language that jurors can understand.

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