10 Common Injuries Suffered During A Car Accident

Most people hurt in a car crash suffer impact injuries, from slamming into a part of the vehicle upon colliding with another vehicle or object or by being hit by unsecured cargo that becomes airborne in a crash.

When injuries occur after a car accident, it is critical to speak to a lawyer. The attorneys at the Maguire Law Firm will hold insurance companies accountable and will work to secure compensation* for your injuries.

Frequent Car Accident Injuries

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, people may face many types of injuries from car accidents. Ten of the most common injuries suffered during a car accident are:

  • Brain injuries: Brain injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI), occur after a hit to the head. Minor injuries may include a mild concussion. However, in more serious cases, TBI victims may have impaired speech, memory, vision and emotional control.
  • Head injuries: Eye injuries can cause loss of vision or blindness. Ear injuries can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. It is also common for accident victims to suffer facial fractures and dental injuries.
  • Whiplash: Whiplash occurs when the neck quickly snaps back into place because the impact of a wreck has caused the car to either suddenly stop or accelerate. Whiplash can damage the spinal cord, including ligaments, vertebrae and disks. Paralysis is possible in serious cases of whiplash.
  • Neck injuries: A neck injury may occur when the larynx or trachea is crushed. These injuries can cause immediate death.
  • Chest injuries: Broken bones in the ribs or the sternum often occur during motor vehicle accidents, especially when passengers do not use a seat belt.
  • Diaphragm ruptures: The diaphragm muscles are crucial for respiration. These muscles may rupture after blunt or penetrating trauma.
  • Pelvis and abdominal injuries: Compressive pelvic injuries and abdominal injuries frequently occur in car wrecks. The kidneys, liver and spleen are the most vulnerable organs.
  • Lower body injuries: Lower body injuries are often caused by hitting your legs or knees into a part of the car. Minor bruises to serious bone fractures may result. Knees are also susceptible to torn ligaments.
  • Foot and ankle injuries: Feet and ankles can easily be sprained, strained or broken in a motor vehicle wreck.
  • Severed limbs: While it is more common in motorcycle accidents, feet, toes and other limbs may be severed during any motor vehicle accident.

In addition to these physical injuries, a car accident can produce lasting emotional hardships, too. The steep medical bills and the costs of rehabilitation can strain people's finances. Crash victims may also face depression and other emotional problems.

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