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What is Causing Car Accidents and How to Prevent Them

You can’t fix something until you know the scope of the problem. This is true whether you are talking about a medical problem or an engine problem. Similarly, you can’t prevent car accidents unless you know what is causing them.Understanding what causes car accidents isn’t a simple matter. Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) devotes time and money to the science of traffic accident research to determine exactly what is compromising our safety on the road.In a report delivered to Congress a few years ago, the NHTSA outlined several reasons that accidents happen. In that report, they also suggested ways to reduce certain types of crashes.For instance, the report indicated that about 22 percent of vehicles involved in crashes ran off the edge of the road just before an accident. About 11 percent of accidents happened just after drivers failed to stay in their lanes, something the NHTSA says could be prevented by lane departure warning systems.But while technological advances in vehicle manufacturing could decrease the number of accidents that happen on our roads, we are most interested in the things that you can do now, with the car you already have, to reduce your risk of being involved in a serious car crash.Many accidents are a result of one driver’s behavior. According to the NHTSA, about 41 percent of driver-related accident causes included distractions. These distractions could be inside of the vehicle (texting, changing your music or reaching for something) or external (looking at a stalled vehicle on the side of the road or being preoccupied with the scenery). Distracted driving accidents are preventable.Another 34 percent of driver-related accident causes were due to decision errors. These errors include driving too fast for the conditions, driving too fast around a curve, misjudgment of another driver’s distance or speed, or an illegal maneuver. Many of these accidents could be prevented by simply slowing down and being more cautious. If you’re unsure of the distance between yourself and another vehicle, play it safe. If you don’t know how tight the next curve will be on a windy road, slow down.Finally, in about 3.2% of serious accidents, sleepiness was to blame. If you are sleepy, don’t drive. If you have to drive, take a quick nap first.S.C. Car Accident AttorneysEven if you are a safe driver you are still a potential accident victim. Whether a distracted driver hit you or if someone ran a red light, if you are injured in an accident, the Myrtle Beach car accident lawyers of Maguire may be able to help. Contact us today at (800) 525-9900 for a free consultation.Technorati code: KTBZ886D23DMIf you found this blog post to be helpful please submit your vote at Business blog