What Your Employer’s Workers’ Comp Poster Is Telling You

You’ve seen them: the posters that cover break room and waiting area walls all over South Carolina, covered in fine print and boasting the title “South Carolina Workers’ Compensation.” Your employer probably has one. But have you really looked at… Read more

What You Need to Know About South Carolina Traffic Fatalities

Last year marked a historic turning point in the rate of South Carolina car accident deaths. In 2013, the state reached its lowest annual death rate since 1982, according to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT). While this news… Read more

Would Your Car Protect You in an Accident?

Safety features in new cars are credited with helping to protect people from death or serious injury in traffic accidents. Recently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released its vehicle safety ratings, raising its standards for “good” or “acceptable” ratings…. Read more

Truck Monitoring Systems Improve Safety

Some truck drivers say don’t like the technology in their vehicles that monitors them on the road. But the high-tech systems, designed to improve efficiency, may also bemaking highways safer. Crashes involving large trucks in 2012 killed 3,921 people and… Read more

“Buzzed” Drivers Pose Serious Accident Risks

Most people believe there is some continuum of drunkenness. There is pass-out drunk on one end of the scale, drunk and tipsy somewhere in the middle, and something known as “buzzed” for those who may have only had a single… Read more

New Rules Planned for Child Safety Seats

When it comes to keeping your child safe in the car, cautious driving is paramount. Yet even the most careful driver can be involved in a serious accident. A child safety seat could determine whether your child remains safe. The… Read more

Speeding Still to Blame in Third of Fatal Crashes

Distracted driving is perhaps the most talked about driver’s safety issue of the day. But it is far from the only issue. On the contrary, speeding is involved in a third of all fatal crashes and is the third leading… Read more

AAA Says Teen Drivers Less Prone to Using Phones While Driving than Adults

Most of us would guess that teens are more likely than adult drivers to use their phones or text behind the wheel. But a recent study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says adults are more likely to admit… Read more

Crash Reconstruction Not Error-Proof

Recently, WMBF News carried a story regarding local law enforcement and accident reconstruction. This is the process of determining what happened in an auto accident by recreating it on paper or with computer animation. But crash reconstruction is not an… Read more

Falls from High Chairs Send Thousands of Children to ERs

Children face potential danger every day – and often as not, the danger lies at home. A new study reveals that on average a child is taken to the emergency room every single hour due to injuries related to high… Read more